When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.
— Alfred Eisenstaedt

Hi, I’m Kayley! I believe in capturing genuine memories, not just creating moments. Yes, we ALL have those “what do I do with my hands?” moments and need help sometimes, but my biggest passion is getting to show my clients how even the smallest, most ordinary moments can be extraordinarily beautiful.

My photography journey got its start when I just happened to be that friend with the camera in college. I began taking portraits of my friends and slowly started doing senior photos for all the girls in my sorority. I photographed my first wedding in September 2015 when some of my friends told me that their photographer was not going to make it to their wedding TWO WEEKS before their day. Talk about a heart-attack! Of course I was up for the job, and terrified at the same time. It was one of my favorite weddings I have ever shot not only because they were some of my best friends, but because of how I realized that I had a gift for this business and I never wanted to stop.

After I graduated college, I went full time into this dream job of mine. It was the greatest decision I have ever made because there is nothing that I am more passionate about (maybe besides my husband and our pups). Photographing weddings is more than an honor in my book. If you’ve ever been a bride then you know there is not a more magical (but somehow so stressful) day. Nothing compares! I never want to be the photographer that makes a wedding all about them, their images, and their portfolio. The day is about the couple committing their lives to one another and it is my job to capture that exactly as it unfolds. The sad part about weddings is that when the day is over, all you are left with is your memories. The memory of how your heart start racing when you finally put your dress on, your mom hugging you just to calm you down, seeing your husband waiting for you at the end of the isle and not noticing anyone else there, how maybe everyone got a little too drunk at your reception (my wedding haha), and your grandma out killing it on the dance floor. You don’t get to relive those moments, you might have missed those moments, and one day it will be really hard to remember anything at all. THAT is why I take my job so seriously. I want you to be able to relive that day over and over again until you’re old and gray!!

I will give you more images than you know what to do with that will be beautiful, colorful, and timeless. You will see how your favorite photos are of the smallest, most fleeting moments from your day… maybe even a moment that you weren’t even a part of. It is my belief that with images as beautiful as the moments you experience, your memories will never fade.