Braden + Paige

I love getting to shoot my friends' weddings! It just sets a completely different tone for me throughout the day. In addition to getting to hang out with my friends all day and basically be their paparazzi, it just hits my heart a little harder once the day gets going and of course when they cry I cry. (I probably teared up more than 5 times this day) 

Braden and Paige have both been in my life for a while. I met Braden studying abroad in Italy for a month. All he ever wanted to talk about was Paige (which was fine with me- I love that kind of stuff). He told me and one of our other friends all about his plan to propose to Paige the coming spring. When that time rolled around I got to capture the proposal for them and that was the first time I had met Paige. There were white sheets hanging from the ceiling, he played the song he wrote for her, and then showed a little video to her so it was pretty much the most romantic proposal ever. 

Ever since then Paige and I have grown really close and have had soooo many photo shoots together (photogs need model friends!!!) However shooting them on their wedding day was hands down my favorite day spent with them. You're definitely going to want to check out this wedding!

Venue: The Springs Event Venue
Dress: David’s Bridal
Invitation: Braden Crumly
Florals: Kylie Hovard
Coordinator: OK SOCIAL
Cake: LeAnne Clark
DJ: Full Circle Melody
Hair Makeup: Inspire Salon