Christian + Mae

This is not your typical wedding, friends!! Mae and Christian's wedding was one of the coolest weddings I have been a part of. My favorite part is the fact that Mae went to OU and Christian went to UT. If you're from Texas or Oklahoma you know why that's a huge deal. Secondly, Christian was born and raised in New Orleans and their wedding traditions are just a little different than those we are used to here in Oklahoma. 

At a wedding in New Orleans, there are typically not seats for more than half of the guests because guests spend most of the evening on the dance floor. They love to dance!! Also, there is a full brass band who is responsible for keeping the dance floor going! The last thing I learned was what a second line was (Mae and Christian did this for their grand exit). A second line is when everyone goes to the street, following the brass band, and dances along behind the band waving their handkerchiefs. The tradition started when people would follow behind the brass band in large parades in New Orleans. SO COOL!!

I hope you learned something new and you enjoy this wedding day!

Venue: The Joule Hotel
Florals: A Stylish Soiree
Dress: Anna Cambell
Cake: Manda Mobley Designs
Bridal shoes: Manolo Blahnik
DJ: Party Machine
Invitation Suite: Paper Refinery
Hair Makeup: Tousled by Andrea Lozano
Videographer: WeddingMix