Cody + Bailey

Ok you guys! This has got to be one of the most special moments I have gotten to be apart of. Cody had called me about 2 weeks before the proposal to get some help setting up his plan to surprise Bailey. Bailey is one of my good friends so it was my job to lie to her and get them both out on a shoot with me. 

When we finally met up together at Plenty Mercantile in midtown OKC, I was so stinking nervous but Cody seemed so chill. I remember being shocked at how calm he was. So we are walking around to the back of Plenty to go shoot in the alley (there is this huge beautiful yellow garage door that I love) and I am just killing time until its time to go up to the rooftop where the magic was going to happen. Cody and I just kind of awkwardly told bailey to just look out towards the city skyline and BOO! She turns back around and there is Cody down on one knee. 

I know the thought that he might be proposing had run through her mind a few times but she was surprised for sure! I hope you guys enjoy the begining to their sweet little love story.

Venue: Plenty Mercantile OKC
Dress: Free People